Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 Steps To Make Windows 7 Faster

It is very enjoyable to use a computer which has windows 7 installed on it. However, this is a very demanding piece of software which can make it difficult to run quickly.

1. Automatic Disk Defragmentation

Disk defragmentation is supposed to make your computer work much faster. The problem with this however is caused if your computer is set up to automatically defragment the disks. To stop this happening right click on drive c and choose properties. Then click on the Defragment tab. Untick the option so that automatic defragmentation is not scheduled.

2. Readyboost

You can speed up windows 7 by using readyboost. This makes it possible to use a large USB flash drive in a similar way to RAM. You will be told when you can use readyboost if you put in a compatible memory card.

3. Transparent Windows

Use the basic windows theme rather than the enhanced transparent windows.

4. User Access Control

Turn off user access control to make your computer faster.

5. Unwanted Features

Remove any unwanted and unused windows features by using the programs section in the control panel.

6. Animated Windows

Turn off the animation to speed up windows.

7. SATA Disk Performane

Upgrading your hard drives to newer SATA drives will make the read and write times much faster.

8. External Drives

Use write caching to speed up writing and reading to and from external drives.

9. Hibernation

Turn off hibernation on all computers except for laptops and notebooks. This will make it much faster.

10. Windows Services

Change the different services which are loaded as default by clicking start, run and typing services.msc.

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