Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Windows 7 Explorer Slow - Here's what you should do

If you find that windows 7 explorer is slow to use then you will need to get to the bottom of the problem. This is because it will make it very difficult to rely on and use your computer. Everyone who uses the internet will need it to be as fast and easy to use as possible.

Upgrading to Internet Explorer 8

The first thing that you can try to fix the problem is to upgrade your windows 7 explorer to internet explorer 8. This is the latest version and is much faster than the older versions. You will be able to use this to make the most out of your internet connection.

Restoring Settings

Sometimes if you make adjustments to the settings in internet explorer it can stop the internet from working properly. The best way of resolving this issue is to reset the settings back to their defaults. To do this open internet explorer and then click the tools menu and select internet options. Then there will be an option to reset the settings of internet explorer back to defaults. This is the easiest way of fixing many problems.

Internet Connection

Sometimes the internet might be slow because of problems with the connection. You can resolve this by checking that the internet connection is connected properly and working as it should be.

Internet Explorer Add ons

There are also a number of add ons for internet explorer which can cause problems. These can interfere with the normal operation of IE8 which makes it slow down.

Try to disable some of the add-ons to see if this resolves the problem. This may make your browser open and operate much quicker.


Another possibility is that this problem is caused by computer viruses. These can be removed by using virus scanners or spyware scanners.

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