Sunday, December 5, 2010

Windows 7 Issues - Computer Running Slow

Do you find that your Windows 7 computer is running much slower than it should be? Windows 7 is a very easy to use operating system which makes using a computer much more fun. However when it slows down then it will make your computer much slower.

Minimum Requirements

Windows 7 is a new operating system which makes your computer more fun to use. However, this also means that you should always use a powerful computer to run it. Make sure that your computer is equipped with the hardware required to run windows 7. The specifications required include 1GB memory, a 1GHz processor and 16GB of space available on your hard drive.

If your computer handled Windows vista ok then it’s probably fine to run windows 7. This is because the two operating systems are fairly similar. The only time most people will experience problems is when they are trying to upgrade a much older computer such as Windows XP or 2000.

If your computer should be suitable for running Windows 7 then you will need to try and identify what is actually causing the slowdown. The first thing to check is that there aren’t too many applications running when your computer first boots. To do this open msconfig and click the startup tab. Then look down the list and remove anything that you don’t want to use.


Another very common problem which can make your computer much slower than it should be is because of windows registry problems. The registry is a huge database which is essential for your computer. If this becomes corrupt or damaged then it can make your computer much slower than it should be.

To fix registry problems you should try using an automated registry scanner. This will make it much easier to automatically fix the errors without risking problems. If you are not careful then you could end up causing much more harm than good.

Choose a registry scanner which is capable of backing up the entire registry before doing any work on it. This will ensure that your computer is safe and will work properly.

Using a registry cleaner will probably fix the Windows 7 computer running slow.

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